‘Baki’ Season 3, Episode 20 Spoilers: After Days Of Intimacy With Kozue, Baki Unleashes Incredible Power

Baki fights Yanagi and Sikorsky

Baki Season 3, Episode 20, which is currently available at Netflix, started with the conversation between Mitsunari Tokugawa and Kunimatsu, the master of one of the death row inmates Ryuukou Yanagi. Kunimatsu explained the secret behind Yanagi’s fighting technique, including the poison hand.

Baki Season 3 Episode 20 revealed that in order to turn his hands into a lethal weapon, Yanagi first gathered different types of poisonous insects and plants, grounded all of it, and mix it with sand. In order to neutralize the poison, Yanagi also put his arm in a jar full of antidote. Kunimatsu said that it’s not as easy as most people think, and some of them decided to cut their own hands because of the extreme pain.

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