Can you spot the North Pole in this holiday luggage brain teaser?

(Picture: Holiday Extracts)

A new brain teaser has made it to the internet, and it’s surprisingly hard.

A new picture by Holiday Extras shows some luggage which is covered in travel stickers.

The company is asking people to try to find the North Pole travel sticker – and it’s incredibly difficult.

Can you find the North Pole sticker?

(Picture: Holiday Extracts)

*Spoiler alert*: Here it is…

(Picture: Holiday Extracts)

Seamus McCauley of Holiday Extras said: ‘With Christmas drawing near, we wanted to provide our customers with a little extra for their holiday that would keep the whole family entertained.

‘This is just another way we’re aiming to remove the hassle from every trip, providing some extra holiday fun and peace and quiet, particularly if our attempts are anything to go by.’

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