Donald Trump Is Unfit To Be President, May Start Nuclear War, Congress Must Remove Him, Writes Will Bunch

trump is unfit for office and must be removed

Donald Trump is mentally unfit for office, writes Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Will Bunch, and he may very well lead the country into nuclear war if Congress doesn’t invoke the 25th Amendment to stop him.

In a lengthy op-ed piece, Bunch writes that the question of whether or not Donald Trump is unfit for office is beyond settled, saying that it’s not so much a matter of “if” but a matter of “what can be done about it.”

“We’re already in a constitutional crisis — arguably the worst since the Civil War. The question now is, who’s gonna win?”

As evidence, Bunch cites what he claims is the one-two punch of the explosive new book from Watergate reporter Bob Woodward, and the damning New York Times op-ed piece from an anonymous “senior White House official,” now colloquially deemed “Lodestar.”

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