Facebook To Highlight Your Personal Info To Strangers Via New ‘Things In Common’ Feature

Facebook testing a new feature.

Facebook is trying out a new feature called “Things in Common” with a small batch of users, and it could be a game-changer if it’s rolled out to everyone. The feature shows up in the comments section of a post. So if you’re reading comments on someone’s post about a dog, your friends could be commenting on how cute the dog is, but you might also see some strangers sharing their thoughts on the dog too. With the new feature, however, if you and the stranger have something in common, that information is highlighted above the comment. The data for “Things in Common” is pulled from public material on your profile. For example, it could be that you and the stranger attended the same university, are part of the same Facebook group, or that you’re from the same city.

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by – inquisitr.com