Ivanka Trump Spotted Wearing Pantsuit From Popular Designer Who Refused To Dress Melania

Ivanka Trump speaks onstage during the 2018 Concordia Annual Summit

All eyes were on Ivanka Trump Friday as she sported a flattering off-the-shoulder pantsuit designed by Gabriela Hearst to a formal event in Buenos Aires. However, the choice in fashion was a head-scratcher for several reasons. For one, Gabriela Hearst has long been a vocal critic of Ivanka’s father’s politics; another is that the designer’s 2017 line was designed with female Democrat Senators such as Kamala Harris and Senator Tammy Duckworth in mind. Also importantly, Hearst refused to dress the current first lady.

In fact, when she was asked if she would dress Melania Trump, she said, “If they want to wear the clothes, they can buy the clothes.”

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by – inquisitr.com