Jeremy Kyle Show accused of using ‘fake guests’ after Wife Swap star Barry appears to accuse his wife of being a lesbian

JEREMY Kyle was embroiled in a ‘fake guests’ row this morning when reality TV veteran Barry Seaborn appeared on the show again – this time asking if his wife Michele was a lesbian.

The pair have made a telly career out of their relationship ever since they appeared on Wife Swap back in 2004, where he became notorious for forcing her to get up at 6.30am to make his porridge.

Today’s guests were VERY familiar to viewers

And when Barry appeared on Jeremy Kyle for the second time this morning saying Michele might have become a lesbian for losing 5st, viewers knew precisely who he was.

One raged: “What a b****y fake 😡 this couple have been around for years. They’ve been on lots of documentaries and wife swap when it was first on , so today is fake drama day.”

Another wrote: “Not real – another Kyle show act. This programme gets worse!”

A third pointed out: “The couple have been on Wife Swap on Channel Four amongst other things… this is totally fake and staged by actors.”

Channel 4

The pair found fame on Wife Swap in 2003[/caption]

And they’re still getting telly time by ripping into each other

But Barry, who famously told Michele “My job is to relax, that’s what I do” on Wife Swap, at least has a new angle now.

His storyline on today’s show was “Healthy eating and kinky underwear – are you a lesbian or a cheat?”

Accusing his wife of having an affair or turning gay after losing a lot of weight, he told Jeremy: “She used to be 19st. She looked like Big Daddy.”

Saying she’s now swapped cheese and onion pie for a diet of crabsticks, he said: “She’s either a cheat or a lesbian. If she fails the test he’s out the door.”

It was a confusing morning for poor Jeremy

Of course, she did pass the test – and so did Barry when she turned things around and accused him of cheating.

As one viewer wrote “Today’s #JeremyKyle seems very scripted! This fella could be straight out of panto!”

Another might have been closer to the truth, asking: “Is there nothing Barry won’t do to send a night in a @premierinn and to get the all you can eat breakfast lol!!”

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