Jim Carrey Paints Portrait Of Lindsey Graham’s ‘Hideous And Hateful Face’

jim carrey graham painting portrait

Famous Hollywood actor and comedian Jim Carrey published his portrait of Republican Senator Lindsey Graham’s “hideous and hateful face” on Twitter, the Washington Examiner reports.

Along with the painting, the actor posted the following message.

“Ever wonder why women don’t report sexual abuse? Look no further than the hideous and hateful face of Lindsey Graham who offered nothing but anger and absolute disdain to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford following her courageous, and very credible, testimony. Talk about ‘a disgrace.’”

Carrey’s dig at Lindsey Graham comes after the senator exploded at Democrats, as The Hill put it, during Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Kavanaugh, accused of sexual assault by multiple women, testified after Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Like many other members of the Republican Party, upset with what he considers to be a political hit job, Lindsey Graham exploded at committee Democrats, accusing them of trying to destroy Kavanaugh’s life.

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