Matthew Whitaker, Donald Trump’s New Attorney General, Is A Climate Change Skeptic

Matthew Whitaker, Donald Trump's New Attorney General, Is A Climate Change Skeptic

It did not take long for President Donald Trump to fire Jeff Sessions. As soon as it became official that the Democratic Party is taking over the House, Sessions was fired and replaced by his former chief of staff Matthew Whitaker.

As detailed by a previous Inquisitr report, Whitaker’s appointment caused widespread controversy prompting rumours that the new AG is looking to terminate – or at least limit the scope of – Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian election interference and possible coordination between Kremlin and the Trump campaign.

These rumors accelerated with the resurfacing of Whitaker’s 2017 CNN op-ed in which he argues that Mueller is “dangerously close” to crossing the red line, suggesting that the scope of his team’s investigation should be limited by the POTUS via a willing attorney general.

But as it turns out, Whitaker shares Donald Trump’s views on more than Mueller’s investigation. Much like Trump, Whitaker is a climate change skeptic.

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