Matthew Whitaker Said Muslims & Jews Should Not Be Made Judges Because They Lack ‘Biblical View Of Justice’

Matthew Whitaker's troubled past.

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s disturbing past is now firmly in the limelight with Donald Trump’s decision to oust Jeff Sessions. While several leading law enforcement officials, as well as political leaders, have called on Whitaker to recuse himself from the Russia investigation, his problematic past and derision for diversity in the justice department seem to be the very reasons that he has been tasked with leading the investigation.

One of the major issues with Whitaker overlooking the probe is the fact that he appears to have made his mind up about the result already. As The Daily Beast reported, Whitaker said in an interview that there was “no collusion” between Russia and the Trump campaign even though the Special Counsel has indicted multiple people during the course of the investigation and continues to investigate with an end not immediately in sight.

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