Registered Sex Offender Accused Of Fondling Mentally Disabled Woman In Publix


The Miami Herald recently reported on an alleged sexual assault of a mentally disabled woman inside a Publix breakroom. The accused man has been arrested. He was a Publix employee and has been a registered sex offender for 19 years. He allegedly molested a mentally disabled woman who was a co-worker. The assault is believed to have happened in the Publix breakroom, cites the Miami Herald.

John Utterback, 62, is a resident of Apopka. He has officially been fired from the Orange County Publix after his arrest on Tuesday night. He is facing two counts of lewd and lascivious molestation on a disabled person. The bond is set at $10,150. Publix’s corporate office came forward with a statement on the incident, stating that they continue to work with local law enforcement.

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