Rob Smith: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rob Smith is a black gay Iraq war veteran who has been vocal in recent months about his decision to walk away from the Democratic party and become a Republican.

Smith, who is married to a graphic designer named Misha, is a vocal proponent of the “Blexit” movement, which encourages a “black exit” from the Democratic party.

Here’s what you need to know:


1. Smith Is an Army Veteran Who Said That ‘Coming Out Conservative’ Was Harder for Him Tham Coming Out as Gay

According to Newsweek, Smith served in the military and is an Iraq war veteran. He actively protested the legalization of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” during the Clinton era and when Obama repealed the act, he was invited to the ceremony as a guest.

Smith, a gay black man, said that coming out as a conservative was more difficult for him than coming out as gay. He said, “I know that five, 10, 20, 25 years from now, me being out as an openly gay conservative, an openly gay and black conservative will open doors for this to not be as shocking and surprising to people. It will open doors to people being unafraid to be open about their political beliefs in their own lives regardless of their skin color or their sexual orientation.”

Smith came out as conservative in May. To DailyMail, he said at the time, “For me, as a gay man and a black man, I have to… Somebody has to start the conversation, specifically with LGBTQ people, to say being a Democrat is not a sign of morality and being a Republican is not a sign of evil. We can work on both sides to advance this idea of LGBTQ equality, we just have to figure out what that is.”

2. Smith Is a Leader in the ‘Blexit’ (Black Exit) Movement, Along With Other Black Conservatives

Smith is an active member of the ‘Blexit’ movement, which encouraged black people to “exit” the Democratic party. Smith announced his #WalkAway moment on May 27, and has been vocal about it ever since.

To Fox News, Smith said that he was never allowed to talk about things like fatherlessness in the black community when he was a Democrat.


3. Smith Used to Be a Democrat, & Shifted to the Republican Party Following the Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Smith’s “walk away” moment from the Democratic party, according to his interview with Newsweek, was when the Pulse nightclub shooting occurred in June 2016. At that moment, he told Newsweek, he wanted a strong message denouncing terrorism from his leaders, and it was the Republican message that resonated.

He said, “I know my place at this moment in history is to take my experience as somebody who is in all of these communities and really talk about it.”

4. Smith Has a Rising Social Media Following, With 14,000 Followers on Instagram, a YouTube Channel, &

Rob Smith has turned his identity into a full-time brand and movement, with an Instagram following of 14,000, a Twitter following of 31,700, and a YouTube channel. 

On his Instagram and Twitter accounts, his bio opens with: “America’s Favorite Black Gay Republican!”

5. Smith Is Married to a Visual Artist & Graphic Designer Named Misha

Smith is married to graphic designer and visual artist, Misha. They have been married since 2017. They even have a joint Instagram handle, “RobandMisha,” that has a collective 18,000 followers.

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