Shauna Sexton Heads To London Over A ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ Amid Rumors She Has A Sex Tape Of Ben Affleck

Shauna goes to London.

Playboy Playmate Shauna Sexton gained a ton of publicity this past summer when she was reportedly in a short-term relationship with Ben Affleck. The entire thing seemed to start off with a bang and end without much warning, as the actor ended up spending most of their relationship in rehab for alcohol problems. And now, the model has posted an Instagram story of a screenshot for a flight out of Los Angeles International Airport to London, arriving on November 9, adding the caption, “Quarter-life crisis.”

This comes amid rumors that Sexton has a sex tape with Affleck, according to Radar Online.

“She told Ben she didn’t need him, and she was going to be the next Kim Kardashian. He and his team took that as a threat that she has a sex tape.”

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