Venom, Tom Hardy, 2018, (HD)

Venom, Tom Hardy, 2018, (HD)

Venom – the new hero of the Marvel Universe at the screen

What if one day you are infused with a symbiotic creature that gives you superhuman abilities? That’s just Venom – the symbiote is completely unkind, and it is impossible to agree with him. But is it necessary to negotiate? .. After all, at some point you realize that being bad is not so bad at all. So even more fun. There are too many superheroes in the world! We are Venom!

TV journalist Eddie Broca (Tom Hardy) has an almost cloudless life. A beautiful girlfriend half a step from the crown (Michelle Williams), a favorite job, a spacious apartment in San Francisco, people recognize on the streets.

VENOM – Official Trailer 2 (HD)

But everything flies derailed because of one unsuccessful interview with a local businessman and scientist Carlton Drake (a light parody of Ilona Mask), who not only owns a pharmacological empire and builds rockets for a flight into space, but is also rumored to conduct it in his laboratories illegal experiences in humans. Drake has enormous power in the city, so Brock is quickly fired from the TV channel, and the bride leaves. It was in her computer that the reporter found compromising on an influential businessman.

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