We’ve found the perfect super realistic genital jewellery for your secret Santa

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What better gift could you get for your boyfriend, your nan, your office secret santa, than an extremely realistic bit of jewellery based on people’s genitals?

There is no better gift, is the answer. Not even that extremely thoughtful illustration you got commissioned just for them.

So ditch that soap set and look at Musch Musch, a brand that specialises in making necklaces, brooches, earrings, and keyrings based on real people’s penises and vulvae.

When we say they’re extremely realistic, we do mean it, so don’t scroll ahead unless you’re comfortable with seeing models of actual genitals.

(Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

Musch Musch is the creation of artist Nancy Wagner and her partner Carl-Friedrich von Dechend. They started their company back in 2015, and after plenty of research (by which we mean looking at people’s bits) they’re experts in making artwork that perfectly depicts penises, vaginas, buttholes, and nipples.

Nancy receives hundreds of images of real people’s genitals, using them as the inspiration to make everything from wall hangings to golden brooches.

(Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

She’s even made some special holiday editions of her pieces that we reckon would be ideal for Christmas. Musch Musch now sells a penises wearing Santa hats and vulva wrapped in ribbon.

Each piece is personalised and carefully carved from hand with clay, so it’s a pretty special gift.

Prices start at €18 for bumhole earrings, so do take a browse of the website before you do your Christmas shopping.

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