What order have the celebs been kicked out of the jungle?

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Another day, another elimination from the I’m a Celeb camp.

It’s been a particularly emotional few days, after the remaining celebs were reunited with loved ones (Harry and Sandra were too cute) and some key members of the group were lost.

There’s only a few days left now, though, and soon the King or Queen of the jungle will have been crowned.

Before that, let’s look at who’s already crossed that famous bridge back in to the real world after being voted out of the show.

First: Noel Edmonds

Noel Edmonds was the highest paid I’m A Celebrity camp mate ever (Picture: Rex Features)

Noel Edmonds was the first to be eliminated from the jungle after receiving the most public votes.

This was despite being the highest paid celeb in there, and coming in as the Emperor of the camp.

His short time on the show was filled with rule breaking and laughs, however, and he said as he left: ‘This is the finest production I’ve ever been associated with. I’m humbled and proud to have been part of it.’

Second: Malique Thompson-Dwyer

Malique will be happy to get back to eating normal food agaun (Picture: WENN)

Although he put on a brave face during the eating challenge with Sair Khan, the Hollyoaks star was the second booted out.

Fans of Malique were worried he didn’t get enough air time, but his man to man chats with Noel then put him back front and centre.

Upon meeting Dec and Holly on the other side, the actor promptly downed a full glass of champers. Proper order.

Third: Sair Khan

Sair had her boyfriend waiting for her (Picture: ITV)

The Corrie actress made it 17 days in the jungle before falling victim to the public vote.

Sair was an absolute pro at the buck tucker trials, and wolfed down a hunk of camel hoof in no time during one, while using only her tongue to unscrew a star in another.

She told Dec and Holly that she was looking forward to being reunited with friends and family.

Fourth: Rita Simons

The actress could not hide her delight walkin over the bridge (Picture: Rex Features)

Pink-haired Rita was beaming as she left the jungle.

With a fear or heights and deep water, it’s likely she’s happy to see the back of camp.

During her stint, we found out that Rita’s uncle is Alan Sugar, and also that beneath her tough exterior is an absolute heart of gold.

Fifth: Anne Hegerty

Anne was rightly hailed as an inspiration for her openness about her autism on the show (Picture: Rex Features)

The Governess had a tough start to the show, as her Asperger’s meant she struggled to adjust to the changes she was experiencing.

With support from camp mates – and the general public – however, she absolutely bossed trials and jungle life in general.

Like Rita, Anne was happy to be out of the bush when she was voted out fifth.

Sixth: Nick Knowles

That;s not the face of a man who wanted to leave (Picture: Rex Features)

Nick was camp leader for much of his time on the show, and was a level headed ruler for sure.

While he was away, he didn’t realise that a campaign by Chris Moyles had seen his cover of Make You Feel My Love reach number one on the iTunes Chart.

That jam with Biffy Clyro paid off in the end, even if Knowles didn’t end up as King of the jungle.

Seventh: James McVey

Boy next door James was a fan favourite (Picture: Rex Features)

It seems even The Vamps’ army of groupies couldn’t save James, as he was voted off before the final.

Upon leaving, he told Holly and Dec: ‘I’m ready to have a pizza, to be honest! Your mental strength takes you through but your body never quite gets through it.’

That leaves Fleur East, John Barrowman, and Harry Redknapp in the running to win on Sunday’s final.

It’s anyone’s game!

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues tonight at 9.10pm on ITV.

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