A New Phishing Scam Is Targeting Apple Users

Employees standing in an Apple retail store.

A new phishing scam has been discovered and it is believed to be directly targeting Apple users with iTunes accounts, according to a report from CBS affiliate WHNT 19 News. While phishing is nothing new, it seems those behind these dubious acts have been coming up with better and more difficult-to-detect ways of trying to obtain sensitive information from their targets.

According to the website of the popular antivirus program, AVG, phishing is “basically any attempt to trick people via email, text messages, or a fake website. The goal can be anything from trying to get people to send money, hand over sensitive information, or even just download malware unwittingly.” Phishing attacks can also be hidden in online services and shared files, however, email phishing has become increasingly popular and most attempts rely on the targets making the decision to click corrupted links.

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