A Robot Just Passed A Pilot’s Test, Paving The Way For Unmanned Airplanes

front of airplane

Uber and Waymo might be dominating the conversation of the future of travel automation, but the Air Force quietly won a huge victory last week, when their ROBOpilot bot passed the FAA’s pilot test and completed its first flight. According to New Scientist, the robot successfully flew a two-hour itinerary at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah.

Airplanes already rely heavily on technology. Autopilot is nearly ubiquitous for all commercial flights, as it is required by most international aviation regulations for planes with more than twenty seats. Though autopilot controls the plane’s operations — including navigation, altitude, speed, and engine thrust — pilots still are in charge of take off 100 percent of the time and landings 99 percent of the time, per CNBC.

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