Adam Schiff: ‘We’re Making Rapid Progress’ On President Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry

President Donald Trump attends the second and last day of the G7 Taormina summit.

President Donald Trump will almost certainly have something to say about House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff’s latest progress report on the impeachment inquiry, as the lawmaker told reporters that the Democrat-led process is moving right along as planned.

According to The Hill, Schiff spoke to reporters at the Capitol on Saturday and explained that those in charge of the impeachment investigation, which was sparked by Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, want to complete the process quickly while being extremely careful in the process.

“We’re trying to work expeditiously, but we’re also trying to be methodical in our work,” said Schiff. “I think we’re making rapid progress — and that’s our goal.”

The chairman made the remarks after his committee completed an interview with the last witness in the investigation — which is just over a month old since the impeachment inquiry was announced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in September.

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