Andrew Yang And Joe Biden Have The Most Support From Undecided Voters, Says ‘Business Insider’

Democratic presidential candidates Andrew Yang and Joe Biden.

A new Business Insider report reveals that when looking at three of the publication’s polls from September 25-26, October 3-4, and October 16-17, Andrew Yang and Joe Biden have the most net positive support among undecided voters.

Of the 268 voters that were familiar with Yang, 46 percent said they would be satisfied if he were the nominee 24 percent said they wouldn’t, giving him positive net support of 21 percentage points. As for Biden, of the 620 undecided voters that knew of him, 42 percent said they would support him as the nominee and 35 percent would not, giving him positive net support of 7 percentage points.

The report claims that — aside from Pete Buttigieg — the rest of the Democratic candidates don’t have as much support among the general-election voters polled by Business Insider. For example, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are 2 percentage points underwater among general election voters, while Beto O’Rourke is underwater by 17 percentage points and Cory Booker by 20 percentage points.

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