Andrew Yang Offers 10 American Families His $1000 ‘Freedom Dividend’ During Debate Open

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang speaks to media.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, tech entrepreneur and 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang was expected to do “something no presidential candidate has ever done” during the third Democratic primary debate on Thursday night in Houston, Texas.

And that’s exactly what the long-shot candidate delivered.

Yang, a huge proponent of his “Freedom Dividend,” which is a universal basic income that would provide every American aged 18 and over an extra $1,000 per month with no strings attached. During Yang’s opening statement at Thursday night’s debate, he announced he would be giving his $12,000 per year plan to 10 American families.

According to ABC, Yang has already given his dividend to three families, which after Thursday night’s announcement will raise the total to 13 American families who will receive the dividend. Yang will reportedly pay for the program out of his campaign funds, a total of $156,000.

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