Antonio Brown’s Text Messages From Britney Taylor Lawsuit

Antonio Brown’s text messages, according to Britney Taylor’s lawsuit anyway, are a key piece of evidence offered by his former trainer in her sexual assault accusations against the New England Patriots wide receiver. You can read the texts throughout this article, but be aware that they’re graphic.

Brown was accused of sexual assault by his former trainer Britney Taylor in the federal lawsuit filed in the Southern District of Florida. In it, Taylor described three incidents in which she says Brown sexually assaulted her and forced her to have sexual intercourse. The NFL player has adamantly denied the accusations; the NFL is investigating.

The lawsuit accuses Brown of sexually assaulting Taylor twice in June 2017 when they were together for training sessions. It alleges that Brown “exposed himself and kissed Ms. Taylor without her consent,” and then, later that month, “while positioned behind Ms. Taylor, began masturbating near her without her knowledge and ejaculated on her back.”

The lawsuit claims she “felt a wet spot soak through her clothing” and that “later, in astonishingly profane and angry text messages, Brown bragged about the incident to her.” She cut off her working relationship with Brown because she was “shocked and deeply embarrassed,” the lawsuit says. Several months later, Brown reached out to Taylor, begging her for forgiveness and pleading her to train him again but on May 20, 2018, the lawsuit says he “cornered Ms. Taylor, forced her down onto a bed, pushed her face into the mattress, and forcibly raped her.” She “screamed and cried throughout the entire rape,” shouting no and stop, but Brown was “too strong and physically overpowered her,” the lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit can be read in full here. Britney Taylor is a 28-year-old gymnast from Memphis. She first met Brown at Central Michigan University in a bible studies group.

She says he reached back out on social media in 2013, asking her to send a picture of herself and was unhappy when she only sent him a picture of her face. Brown’s lawyer says in a statement that “Mr. Brown’s accuser has continually posted photographs of Mr. Brown on her social media in an effort to financially benefit from his celebrity” and says that the two “engaged in consensual sex.”

What do Brown’s text messages to Britney Taylor say? According to the lawsuit:

The Lawsuit Claims Antonio Brown Sent Expletive-Laden Text Messages to Britney Taylor

LawsuitMessages the Britney Taylor lawsuit says are from Antonio Brown.

Taylor’s attorneys say in the lawsuit that Brown bragged in a text message about masturbating on her, saying he “jack [sic] [his] d*ck on [her] back.” The lawsuit claims that Antonio Brown sent Britney Taylor the above text messages after an incident described this way:

As they had during their college Christian fellowship days, they often read scriptures, prayed or watched services together during training visits. On this occasion, Brown was behind Ms. Taylor as they watched the service on her tablet. Unbeknownst to Ms. Taylor, while she was focused on the religious video, Brown began masturbating behind her. Before she knew it or understood what was happening, Brown ejaculated on her.

Specifically, Ms. Taylor felt a wet spot on her back and then suddenly realized what had happened. Thoroughly disgusted, Ms. Taylor exclaimed, ‘Ewww!’ Brown, unfazed by her reaction, jokingly responded, ‘oh B… you know, I’m sorry’ and then left the room. Ms. Taylor was dismayed, confused and embarrassed. She called her mother, who advised her to immediately leave.

She also confided in Brown’s chef, whom she had befriended, about what happened and stated that she would not be returning to work for Brown. Shortly thereafter, she received a text message from Brown telling her she was fired.

According to the lawsuit, Taylor cut off contact, but then Brown wrote her again saying he’d love to keep working with her.

The lawsuit says in March 2018 he wrote her again saying, “I apologize first off with so much going on around me and my actions.” He asked if she would train him again, and she agreed but only on the condition that he wouldn’t flirt with her and would provide her hotel accommodations.

InstagramBritney Taylor

According to the lawsuit, on May 20, 2018, Brown, Taylor, another football player and friends went to a club and then she drove the two men back to Brown’s home. She went into his home to use the restroom and grab food from the kitchen. He “cornered her and pulled her down on the bed on her stomach, pushing her face down into the mattress,” the lawsuit alleges. He told her “you know you want this” and raped her, according to the lawsuit. She told Brown they “needed to talk about last night,” and he replied “you made me feel like a real rapist,” the suit alleges. She stopped working for Brown. The lawsuit says she passed a polygraph.

Brown Denies Raping Britney Taylor

GettyAntonio Brown

Brown’s attorney has written a statement saying that Brown denies the accusations.

“Mr. Brown denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit. He will pursue all legal remedies to not only clear his name, but to also protect other professional athletes against false accusations. Mr. Brown was approached by his accuser in 2017, shortly after Mr. Brown signed a contract making him the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL,” it says.

“At that time, Mr. Brown was asked to invest $1.6 million in the accuser’s business project. Mr. Brown was not informed by his accuser that she had just been levied with a $30K IRS tax lien or that $300K of the $1.6 million so called “investment” was to be used to purchase property already owned by the accuser and her mother.”

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