Apple Might Use This Naming Scheme For Its 2019 iPhones, Leaker Claims

Apple's iPhone XS (L) and XS Max (R) as shown during their September 12, 2018, launch.

This year’s upcoming iPhone release is not expected to come with a lot of changes in terms of design or technical specifications and features. However, a recent social media post from a mobile leaker suggests that Apple might make one key change to the naming convention for the 2019 iPhones.

On Saturday, the leaker known as “CoinX” took to Twitter to report that Apple is supposedly going with another “crazy” naming scheme for this year’s iPhone models by using the “Pro” name for the handsets. Although the account is not verified and does not include any visible photos or other identifying information about the leaker, iMore noted that CoinX was the same Twitter user who correctly predicted that Apple would use the names iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR a week before the devices officially arrived.

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