Asymmetric Jeans Has Social Media Howling At Possible Fashion Trend

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First of all, what is this new fashion called asymmetric jeans, and why is social media buzzing about this uneven look today? In layman’s terms, asymmetric jeans combine fitted-leg jeans and flared-leg jeans into one pair of pants from designer Ksenia Schnaider.

So far, it looks like these asymmetric jeans offer a topic for social media jokes, more so than making a fashion statement. Fox News suggests these new jeans give new meaning to the term “fit and flare.”

Some suggest these jeans look like a mistake off the assembly line. With the asymmetric jeans gaining steam online, people have suggested they’re “freaky.” Others think it makes the person wearing this new fashion creation look a bit “lopsided.”

So was this a mistake or did Schnaider actually mean to do this? According to Fox News, she claims she’s wanted to create this look for the past couple of seasons. The designer also reports that some people are “interested in the style.”

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