At-Home Voters for ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 Cannot Vote Live

The Masked Singer is back on FOX for season 2, after a mega-hit first season earlier this year. This time, the show’s audience is more familiar with its format, and the panelists seem much more confident in their role.

In spite of the show’s success, there is still some confusion around a major part of its structure: the vote. Since one character gets eliminated and unmasked at the end of each episode, and votes are clearly happening to determine that outcome, fans at home want to know if they can vote and join in on the action. The answer? No. Here’s why:

There Is No At-Home Voting Because ‘The Masked Singer’ Is Not a Live Show

Most of the popular talent competitions we watch on television air live episodes for at least part of their seasons, so it is understandable if you assumed that The Masked Singer was happening live too. The entire season was taped months in advance of the season 2 premiere, so bear in mind that the performances and elimination that you watch each week are not happening live.

Because of this, voting is closed and there is no opportunity for viewers at home to vote for their favorites. Who stays and who goes has been pre-determined by the audience members present for each episode taping. While watching the show at home, you will hear host Nick Cannon tell the audience to cast their votes throughout the course of each episode, and you will see shots of audience members voting – that live audience and the celebrity panelists are the only head-to-head voters, which means viewers watching at home this season cannot impact the outcome and help choose a winner. A winner was already decided before the first episode even aired, and the panelists, host, and lucky audience members already know the celebrity identities of the masked celebrities.

If you’re interested in becoming an audience member for a taping of a future episode of the show, which means you would be able to vote,click here for more info.

This Season, The Panelists Get the Final Say on Who Goes Home

In addition to adding 4 more costumed contestants and adding more episodes to keep season two on-air longer, the show’s format has one major change since its debut season. This time around, when the two losers of the head-to-head sing-offs face one another to determine who gets unmasked, it does not immediately go to a vote – each celebrity has one more opportunity to sing in a “Smackdown” sudden death round.

Last year, the audience got to vote for who to save from the bottom two, but this year that privilege is reserved for the judge’s panel: Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, and Jenny McCarthy. While this amendment to the show’s structure may raise some eyebrows (since technically this means the show’s producers could just decide who to keep and who to send home each week, maintaining full control over the outcome), the show has always been for entertainment. There are no prizes for winning or punishments for going home early, so the stakes are relatively low for the performers, who are participating purely for the sake of anonymous fun.

Tune in to The Masked Singer season 2, airing Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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