Barack Obama Announces Major Campaign To Help Defeat Donald Trump In 2020

Barack Obama appears with Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally.

Barack Obama may not be backing any specific candidate, but the former president just put his stake in the ground to help defeat Donald Trump in next year’s presidential election.

Obama on Friday announced a major initiative from the Democratic National Committee called the Unity Fund, which is meant to bring the party together around the eventual nominee in a coordinated and concerted effort to win back the presidency. As CNN reported, the effort appears to be a reaction to the fractions that emerged during the 2016 presidential campaign as a number of Bernie Sanders supporters — along with Democrats who disagreed with Hillary Clinton — chafed against voting for Clinton and sometimes led active campaigns to encourage supporters not to feel forced into voting for her.

The DNC itself came under fire after stolen emails were published by WikiLeaks, showing internal friction toward Bernie Sanders. The Vermont senator also spoke out against the DNC, insinuating that the race was tilted against him.

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