Black Trump Supporter Bryson Gray Purchases Massive MAGA Hat After Being Told He Shouldn’t

A man wears a 'Make America Great Again' hat as he waits for U.S. President Donald Trump to arrive for a 'Make America Great Again' campaign rally at Williamsport Regional Airport, May 20, 2019 in Montoursville, Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump’s presidency has been polarizing, to say the least, and the MAGA that symbolizes his administration is no different. A Media Research Center (MRC) report spotlights a black Trump supporter, Bryson Gray, who claims that his conservative views and support of Trump have caused people close to him to suggest that he can’t support Trump because he’s African American.

It appears that Gray is dealing with the dismissive comments by facing them head-on. He says he can support “whoever the hell” he wants and purchased a supersized MAGA hat to express his solidarity in the face of judgment from his friends.

“They told me I shouldn’t wear the MAGA hat so I bought the biggest MAGA hat,” Gray said. “So, it makes it double the importance.”

Gray also took to Twitter to voice his further express his opinion.

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