Cindy Kimberly Gets Flirty In Yellow Bra While Reading ‘Playboy’

Cindy Kimberly wears a pink dress.

Cindy Kimberly recently shared a photo of herself in a bralette in a bedroom, and has since followed up with photos of herself lounging in a yellow ensemble.

This new update, which was posted yesterday, consisted of three photos. The first photo was actually a collection of two separate images. On the left side, viewers could see Cindy sitting on the ground and leaning against a couch. She was notably reading a Playboy Magazine. On the right side, viewers could see Cindy lounging in a yellow bra and shorts set.

The second photo showed Cindy reading the magazine from a different angle, while a final photo was of the model sitting in a modern chair. It had a white base with what appeared to be an orange seat. Behind the chair, viewers could spot the vintage-looking sofa that Cindy previously posed in front of.

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