College Hoops Player Slams Face Into Backboard While Blocking A Shot

basketball backboard

Division III basketball player Meredith Blaise is a locally well-known athlete from North Central College. But after a gut-wrenching incident that occurred in a recent game, everyone around the world now knows who he is.

Chrishawn Orange, a player from Augustana College, was rushing down the court, dribbling toward the hoop with Blaise in hot pursuit. As the Augustana athlete charged the lane to toss up the ball and hopefully make his shot, the 6-foot-4 Blaise, a guard, leaped into the air to try and block the shot.

The problem is that as Blaise became airborne, Orange slowed down, causing Blaise to hit his hip on Orange’s shoulder, essentially propelling him even further upward. This player can definitely get air with or without the extra boost.

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