Conor McGregor, Lesnar or Reigns? Who will WWE chief McMahon call up to SmackDown Live in Superstar Shake-Up tonight?

AS part of the Superstar Shake-Up, Vince McMahon has teased a huge announcement on SmackDown LIVE tonight.
Along with mystery superstars jumping from Raw and NXT to the blue brand, villainous WWE boss McMahon will also reveal “the biggest acquisition in SmackDown LIVE history”.
Vine McMahon is set to make a huge WWE announcement on SmackDown!Getty Images – GettyWith SmackDown due to switch to Fox Sports in October for a reported billion-dollar deal, it’s no secret that WWE is looking to boost SmackDown LIVE’s drawing power.
But who could the big acquisition possibly be? And what will it mean for the SmackDown brand? Sun Sport picks five potential candidates.
There have been hints for years that McGregor would eventually join WWE – and now that “The Notorious” has retired from UFC it’s more likely than ever.
McGregor might have mocked pro wresting in the past but he’s a shrewd businessman and know there’s serious cash to be made.
But would McGregor really join WWE in the period AFTER WrestleMania? Or is it more likely WWE would hold off and bring him in for big money match at next year’s Mania?
Conor McGregor recently retired form UFC – could he soon be fighting in WWE?GettyROMAN REIGNS
Now “The Big Dog” is back full time and looking for something fresh to do, he’s a likely candidate to jump to the blue brand.
Would it be a tone deaf move by WWE to announce the “biggest acquisition in SmackDown history” is in fact Roman, who the fans love to boo, just as he’s finally getting cheers? Absolutely.
Does that mean WWE won’t do it? Absolutely not.
Roman Reigns has started to get the fans back on side – but that would take a hit with a move to SmackDown!GettyRONDA ROUSEY
“The Baddest Woman on the Planet” is reportedly out of action with a broken hand and could be on the sidelines for some time – not to mention rumours that she’s starting a family.
But that doesn’t mean she can’t play an on-screen role and cut promos to build to her eventual in-ring return.
Don’t forget – Stone Cold Steve Austin’s popularity shot through the roof when he was out of action with a broken neck in 1997.
Brock supposedly left WWE after WrestleMania to prepare for a UFC fight against Daniel Cormier – but Dana White has since said that the match “isn’t even in the works.”
Could Brock switch to SmackDown to make the blue brand altogether more beastly?
Lesnar’s an invaluable asset to WWE but he needs a change of scenery and a fresh batch of victims… sorry, opponents.
Brock Lesnar is arguably the biggest name in WWE and would be a monumental signingAFP

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It would be a classic heel move for McMahon to announce this industry-changing signing for SmackDown, only to bring out McIntyre.
Don’t forget – ten years ago, McIntyre debuted on SmackDown as “the chosen one” and it’s clear that Vince McMahon still has plans for the “Scottish Psychopath”.
WWE also teased McIntyre jumping to the blue brand last week when he teamed with The Bar to take on The New Day.
And he’s exactly the sort of monster heel that Vince would book against underdog WWE Champion Kofi Kingston.

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