David Ortiz, Prince Fielder, And Cecil Fielder Appear Nude In MLB Barbecue Promo

Retired Red Sox player David Ortiz

Major League Baseball’s official Twitter account posted a strange message Wednesday morning, featuring three prominent retired baseball players naked, but for strategically placed barbeque grills and tools.

The tweet, a piece of sponsored content from Kingsford Charcoal, features David Ortiz, Cecil Fielder, and Prince Fielder standing at the grill naked in different photos, followed by a different photo of all three men in towels. While the other two men appear to be grilling at home, Prince Fielder has set up the grill at home plate at a baseball field. The caption also noted that all three former MLB stars’ bodies are “rare.”

Major League Baseball also put out a Facebook video this week, featuring the three players and their on-field credentials. The caption notes that “Three baseball legends show off their body by barbeque [sic],” as the players talk about their favorite meats.

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