Donald Trump Attacks ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden As The Two Appear In Iowa

President Donald Trump speaks to guests during a visit to the Southeast Iowa Renewable Energy ethanol facility on June 11, 2019 in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are both in Iowa on Tuesday to hold events aimed at courting potential voters. While the former vice president put Trump firmly in his crosshairs during his first major speech to Iowa constituents, the president went on the attack, calling Biden “sleepy” and going after his record on foreign energy.

According to The Hill, while standing behind a podium featuring the seal of the president of the United States, Trump attacked the Democratic frontrunner in Iowa at an official White House event meant to promote his administration’s energy policy.

“He was someplace in Iowa today and he said my name so many times that people couldn’t stand it anymore… Sleepy guy,” the president said.

He also said that the country “must never be held hostage” to foreign energy suppliers and blamed Biden and former president Barack Obama for their part in making the country reliant on foreign oil.

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