EastEnders: Phil finally knows Sharon’s baby isn’t his – here’s what happens next

EASTENDERS fans are buzzing with excitement after Phil Mitchell finally realised that Sharon had cheated on him after ex Lisa told him she’d made it all up.

Phil – played by actor Steve McFadden in the BBC soap – will go to extreme lengths to discover the identity of Sharon’s baby daddy in upcoming episodes.


Jack Branning is Ben and Phil’s first suspect for the affair[/caption]

EastEnders aired the scenes fans have been waiting for last night – as Phil finally realised he wasn’t the father of Sharon’s baby.

Thursday night’s game-changing episode saw Sharon’s web of lies begin to unravel after Phil decided to do some digging.

Thinking her secret was safe, Sharon made another attempt to get Phil on side by suggesting a DNA test and was delighted when he refused.

Full of the joys of being a new grandfather, Phil headed back to The Vic to celebrate but was confused when Dennis said Sharon hadn’t gone to his parents evening earlier in the week.

Sharon had used the excuse that she was there to cover her visit to Lisa to convince her to tell Phil she was wrong.


Ben and Phil set out to find who the father of Sharon’s baby is[/caption]

A suspicious Phil took matters into his own hands and searched through Sharon’s sat nav, where he learned that she’d actually visited Lisa at the clinic instead.

When he confronted Sharon and she still lied, he was quick to put two and two together.

He calmly returned to the car and told Ben: “Sharon’s been lying to me.

“She’s been lying to me about where she goes, she’s been lying to me about what she does.

“You know what that means, don’t you? It means that baby ain’t mine.”

The pair began plotting to discover the identity of her secret lover.


Ben finds Sharon’s necklace at Jack Branning’s and fears the worst[/caption]

Spoilers for upcoming episodes have confirmed that Phil will get the wrong end of the stick and accuse Jack Branning after Ben finds Sharon’s necklace in his house.

Viewers know that Sharon actually lent her necklace to Linda Carter several weeks back during the Square’s Wife Swap.

In scenes next week, Phil is seen brooding with a gun before torturing Jack.

Fans know that Phil is no stranger to getting blood on his hands, but will he murder Jack?


Ben and Phil plot Jack’s downfall after thinking he has Sharon’s necklace[/caption]

The reveal of Sharon’s secret has set the stage for Keanu’s exit from the soap in the New Year, and fans are convinced he’ll meet a grisly end.

The walls are closing in on Sheanu and it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes exploding out.

EastEnders have confirmed that Phil’s revenge will rip apart more than one family forever – but who else will get caught in the crossfire?

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