Elijah Ruby: Student Suspended for Handing Out Climate Change Protest Flyers

Elijah Ruby is a Florida high school student who was suspended for handing out climate change protest flyers. Read on to learn more about what happened.

Ruby is a high school senior at South Broward High School in Florida. He was distributing flyers at school about the climate change protests when an administrator told him that those actions were not only going to get him suspended for a day. He was also going to be barred from going to his prom and other special events, WLRN reported.

Ruby was handing out flyers for the Global Youth Climate Strike which is taking place today across the country and the world. The Broward protest was happening in front of the Broward County School Board in Fort Lauderdale.

Ruby said this wasn’t his first offense for handing out flyers, the Miami Herald reported. He said he had been warned before not to hand out flyers that he had posted at the school, but he had no idea it could result in being suspended.

In some parts of the country, students were given excused absences if they wanted to attend the protests today. But Broward is not participating. Ruby said that administrators told him on Thursday that the school wasn’t going to sponsor a field trip to the protest or give students a day off to attend, 7 News reported. He had asked the school last week to give students permission to go.

A statement was released by the Broward County School Board about the suspension. They said:

Broward County Public Schools supports students’ rights to express their views during peaceful and lawful protests. Students may coordinate activities regarding the youth climate strike on campus with their school leadership or outside of the school day. Any student leaving campus without permission will receive an unexcused absence and face appropriate school disciplinary consequences in accordance with the Code Book for Student Conduct.”

So yes, any student from Broward who tries to attend the protests will be given an unexcused absence, according to the statement above.

People on Twitter are mad about what happened.

The school is getting a lot of bad press on Twitter for what happened.

A small group showed up for the protest. More might have been there if students had been allowed to attend.

The Global Climate Strike is a historic event with more than 150 countries around the world participating, including in the United States. The event is taking place just before a UN emergency climate summit on September 27.

The strike grew out of an event called Fridays for Future, where millions of students were already leaving their schools on Fridays to participate in strikes. The events began in August 2018, when Greta Thunberg, 15, sat in front of a Swedish Parliament every school day for weeks to protest lack of action on climate change. Her posts went viral and in September she decided to keep striking every Friday until change happened. People began joining her in other locations.  This has now culminated into a worldwide phenomenon taking place today, September 20, 2019, around the world. It’s likely that Friday strikes will continue after today in some locations.

The Global Climate Strike network describes today’s event this way:

Going on climate strike means people everywhere walking out of their homes, their offices, their farms, their factories.  Everyone is needed to disrupt business as usual: from sports stars, actors and teachers to food industry workers, psychologists, delivery drivers and everything in between. We can all take part, whatever our circumstances, by refusing to accept the status quo.  Already people in 150 countries are organising for the global climate strikes this September. Some will spend the day in protest against new pipelines and mines, or the banks that fund them; some will highlight the oil companies fuelling this crisis and the politicians that enable them.  Others will spend the day in action raising awareness in their communities and pushing for solutions to the climate crisis that have justice and equity at their heart.”

Participants hope that September 20 will be the biggest school strike mobilization to date.

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