Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg To Host Series of Public Debates On Tech For His New Year Personal Challenge

Mark Zuckerberg speaking at a conference

Yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that he would be hosting a series of public debates focusing on the future of technology in 2019. The plan is his personal challenge for 2019.

In previous years, Zuckerberg’s New Year’s resolutions have become infamous. One year, he pledged to learn Mandarin Chinese. Another year, his promise was to try and read two books a month.

In a statement posted on his personal Facebook account yesterday, he announced that in 2019, he planned to hold regular meetings and forums with people from both inside and outside the tech industry to consider how the sector will move forward.

Mark Zuckerberg speaking at an event

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“Every few weeks I’ll talk with leaders, experts, and people in our community from different fields and I’ll try different formats to keep it interesting,” he declared in his statement. “These will all be public, either on my Facebook or Instagram pages or on other media.”

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