Flax seeds - the benefits and the best recipes. The whole truth about superfood

Flax seeds – the benefits and the best recipes. The whole truth about superfood

Flax seeds – a unique product, presented to us by nature. These small grains are able to protect against viruses, to establish the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and to enrich the body with the most valuable vitamins and minerals. How to choose the best flax seeds and what should be the perfect oil. He also shared the best recipes from this superfood.

Flax – a very valuable plant that humanity has long used for different purposes. Strong fabric is produced from the stem, flax seeds are used in cooking and traditional medicine, and also cold oil is obtained from them. No wonder the word “flax” in translation from Latin means “the most useful.”

Flax seeds - the benefits and the best recipes. The whole truth about superfood

Flax seeds are of two types – dark brown and gold. They differ only in taste: the first slightly bitter, and in the second the taste is milder. Neither flax seeds, nor linseed oil have a pronounced smell – only a light pleasant aroma. The best way to use flax seeds and oil

How are flax seeds useful?
Flax seeds are a valuable source of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, they are advised to use at a high level of cholesterol and for removing “bad” fats from the body. They contain high-quality protein, essential amino acids and vitamins of almost the entire group B. There is a lot of vegetable calcium in the product, which is completely absorbed, and a large amount of zinc, which is especially important for men, because the deficiency of this macrocell affects sexual function.

Flax seeds - the benefits and the best recipes. The whole truth about superfood

They contain seeds and antioxidants, which is why they are a good way to prevent cancer. Indispensable for the digestive tract, and help lose weight But the most effective superfood with constipation and inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The fact that flax seeds are rich in soluble fiber, and when insisting, it forms a kind of mucus. It mechanically envelops the digestive tract, thereby removing inflammation. Therefore, with regular use, the intestinal function improves and digestion is normalized.

And due to the substance lignin, the product removes toxins from the body, and allows you to safely lose a few extra pounds.

Flax seeds and linseed oil: the secrets of the perfect choice
Both flax seeds and linseed oil have useful properties. The main difference is that omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids are better absorbed from the oil. Seeds are the most valuable source of fiber. Therefore, the choice depends on the effect you want to get. Buy flaxseed oil only in a dark glass container and pay attention to the shelf life. It should be as fresh as possible – ideally up to a month. After opening the bottle it can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than two weeks, so it is better to buy small jars. The oil should have a sweetish taste: if it started to taste bitter, it spoiled.

Flax seeds - the benefits and the best recipes. The whole truth about superfood

Unlike oil, seeds can be stored for about a year. It is better to buy them in the package, but not by weight. The most important thing is not to get ground: when we interrupt the seeds, the oil comes out, oxidizes, and after a week the mixture goes rotten. Therefore, crush the seeds before taking.

Flax seeds: admission rules and best recipes
The daily dose of flax seeds for prophylactic purposes is 30-40 grams. They are a universal product that can be combined with everything! The only thing – you should not give the product to heat treatment. The high temperature neutralizes the beneficial substances, although the effect of “enveloping” the gastrointestinal tract remains.

Superfood can be used both on a regular basis and courses for 2 weeks. Among the contraindications are kidney stones and bladder. When exacerbation of inflammation in the stomach is better to take only mucus without seeds. You can eat flax seeds dry – chew well and drink water. True, in large quantities so they can not be taken: possible dehydration and constipation. As for flaxseed oil, it should be drunk on an empty stomach for 1 tsp. At the same time the gall is reduced and bile does not stagnate. Course – 2 weeks. If you feel sick from pure oil, you can add it to salads. It can not be taken on an empty stomach in case of acute pancreatitis and cholecystitis, esophagitis, and gallstone disease.

Three recipes from a nutritionist
The first recipe: flax porridge This is the best option if you have a constant stomach ache, a heavy feeling in the intestines, or there was a poisoning. You need to cook it fresh every day. It will take (for 1 serving): – Flax seeds – 30 g – Honey – 1 tsp. – Prunes – 2-3 pieces. Preparation (10 minutes): In the evening, pour flax seeds with a glass of water at room temperature. In the morning, add another 100 ml of water, and pre-soaked prunes. Pour the mixture into a blender and grind, then add honey. Get a watery gruel. For therapeutic purposes, it should be eaten at least 2 weeks twice a day – for breakfast and before bedtime. After you can use it once a day as any meal (even an afternoon snack).

The second recipe: soup-mash for weight loss
If you eat it daily for lunch, then in 2 weeks you can lose up to 2 kg of weight (of course, provided that you adhere to proper nutrition). It will take (for 1 serving): – Pumpkin – 200 g – Vegetable milk or yogurt – 100 g – Flax seeds – 3 tbsp. l – Dried apricots – 2-3 pieces. – Honey – 1 tsp. Cooking (30 minutes): Peel the pumpkin, boil it, cut it into pieces and fold it into a blender. Fill with milk or yogurt. Add the soaked dried apricots, flax seeds (grind in a coffee grinder) and honey. Mix thoroughly.

Recipe Three: Vitamin Paste Increase immunity in the spring.
It can be cooked on weekends for the whole week: keep in the refrigerator and consume 1 tbsp. l in the morning and in the evening. It will take (for a week): – Flax seeds – 200 g – Walnuts – 5 pcs. – Lemon peel – 2 tbsp. l – Dried fruits (dried apricots, raisins, prunes) – several pieces Cooking (20 minutes): Grind the seeds in a coffee grinder. Soak the dried fruits in advance and twist them in a meat grinder. Smash walnuts in small pieces, add the zest. Mix well and put in a glass jar.