Florida Woman Faked Medical Condition To Get Better Airplane Seat And Forced Plane To Be Diverted, Police Say

A picture of planes on a tarmac.

A Florida woman who faked a medical condition in order to get a better seat on an airplane during the busy Thanksgiving weekend ended up causing the plane to be diverted, police say.

The unnamed woman is now in custody after police say she told staff on an American Airlines flight from Pensacola to Miami that she was having trouble breathing. As NBC News reported, the woman actually wanted to sit more comfortably during the flight and was making up the medical issue.

The pilot had to turn around and return to Pensacola, where the plane landed.

The situation only got sticker from there, the report noted. After the flight was diverted, the woman refused to leave the plane, leading officials to evacuate all other passengers. The pilot was eventually able to convince the woman to leave the plane, and she was arrested.

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