Fox News Guest Calls French ‘Godless People’ After Notre Dame Fire, Says ‘No Sense Of Christianity’ Outside

Notre Dame Cathedral burns.

A conservative commentator who sometimes serves as guest host on The Rush Limbaugh Show appeared on Fox News Monday night, giving his reaction to the heartbreaking fire that badly damaged the historic, 800-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. But Mark Steyn, dicussing what he called “one of the glories of Christendom” on his own Steyn Online site, appeared to somehow blame the people of France for failing to appreciate the significance of the Notre Dame fire.

Claiming that polls show that France has now embraced “secularism,” the 59-year-old Steyn told Fox host Tucker Carlson, “the French are even by the standards of the modern Western world among the most Godless people,” as quoted by Media Matters For America.

In fact, recent data from the European social survey of 2014-2016, and reported by The Guardian newspaper, shows that among young people aged 16 to 29, religion in general is on the decline in Europe. But France is by no means the least religious country in Europe.

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