Fox News Host Mocks Elizabeth Warren With ‘Pocahontas’ Joke On Thanksgiving

Sen. Elizabeth Warren listens during a rally for airport workers affected by the government shutdown at Boston Logan International Airport.

Pete Hegseth, a frequent Fox News contributor who appeared the network’s Fox & Friends‘ morning show, took a page out of President Donald Trump‘s playbook during a segment on their Thanksgiving Day show about Sen. Elizabeth Warren‘s recent slip in the polls, saying it was “fitting” that they talked about “Pocahontas.”

According to The Hill, the hosts of the highly-rated morning show discussed recent polling results from a Quinnipiac poll released earlier in the week which indicated that Warren — whose surge is seemingly on the downfall from a polling perspective — dropped a significant 14 points over the course of a month.

After it was reported that Warren dismissed the recent survey results and said she’s focusing on “fighting everyday on behalf of working families,” Hegseth immediately claimed that any politician losing in the polls usually has a similar excuse.

“It’s always what politicians say when they’re losing,” Hegseth said. “Don’t follow the polls. It doesn’t matter.”

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