Google ‘Systemically’ Listens To Google Assistant — And Its Worse Than First Feared

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Many have worried about the recording capabilities of voice command programs. Now, a recent investigation by Belgian news organization VRT NWS has revealed that Google employees “systemically” listen to thousands of recordings made by Google Assistant and Google Home. Though most of the recordings were made consciously, others were not — meaning that Google employees heard recordings that included sensitive topics, intimate moments, and even violence.

VRT News were given the recordings from a Google subcontractor. The subcontractor explained that Google’s interest in the recordings was not necessarily what people were saying but how they were saying it. Google wants every cough, pause, or mumble properly analyzed, along with transcripts of the conversation, to better its programming. Frighteningly, three separate sources confirmed that Google often contracts this work out, meaning that the tech giant does not have full overview of the security measures involved.

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