GOP House Lawmakers Fail To Pass Censure Vote That Called For Adam Schiff’s Resignation

Rep. Adam Schiff answers brief questions from the media.

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff will continue to serve as a congressman after a privileged resolution vote to censure the lawmaker — which also called for his resignation — failed to pass on Monday with a 218-185 vote against the measure.

According to The Hill, Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Biggs was allegedly the driving force behind the GOP-led effort to officially censure Schiff, who has emerged as the leader of President Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry investigations.

House Republicans were not pleased with Schiff’s interpretation of Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at a September hearing, which Republicans claim Schiff greatly exaggerated, though Schiff would later on say that his recap of the call was meant as parody. That event was supposedly the spark for Biggs and his Republican allies that would eventually lead to a censure vote.

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