Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Finale: ‘Mayday’ Reviews & IMDb Ratings

The Handmaid’s Tale season 3 finale, titled “Mayday,” aired early Wednesday morning at 12 a.m. ET. Although the episode has only been available to watch for a few short hours, fans of the series have already begun to flood IMDb with reviews and rating on episode 13.

This article will explore some of the finale episode of The Handmaid’s Tale in detail, so this is your official MAJOR SPOILER WARNING. Do NOT continue reading if you aren’t caught up on the series or season, and if you don’t want anything ruined before you get to watch “Mayday.”

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The season 3 finale finally saw June put her plan into motion to help smuggle children out of Gilead. Operation Mayday was a success, although it should come as no surprise that she didn’t make it out with the children (since she has no intention of leaving without her daughter Hannah). The episode was intense, suspenseful, raw and emotional, and basically everything fans were hoping for after sitting through a consistently slow-paced, sluggish season. Not only did June help rescue dozens of children (and Rita!) from Gilead, Serena Joy was finally given a dose of reality and arrested for her role in Gilead, Fred is still (kind of?) locked up in Canada, and nobody of any significant importance died, so that’s always a plus.

But what do fans and critics have to say about the season 3 finale? As of Wednesday morning, “Mayday” was given a solid 9.5 rating on IMDb so far. With just over 11 hours of time since it’s release, the episode has seen mostly positive reviews, although we expect the rating to change slightly throughout the day as more people have a chance to watch and review the episode. Most of the other episodes of season 3 were rated between a 7.5 and 8.5, with one episode (the incredibly long hospital episode, titled “Heroic”), given a pitiful 5.8.

165 users have reviewed the episode as of 11:08 a.m. Wednesday, August 14. Only two people have rated it with 1 or 2 stars; the majority of voters have given the episode a 9 or 10 star rating and have left overwhelmingly positive reviews of the episode so far. Heavy will update this story throughout the day as more reviews and ratings pour in, so keep checking back for updates.

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Many of the reviewers mentioned how emotional the episode was, and how the finale left them “sobbing,” “satisfied,” and “excited for season 4.” One user talked about how “bleak and frustrating” the show usually is, so she was pleasantly surprised to finally see some hope at the end of season 3.

“The show is so bleak and frustrating at times that I genuinely had no idea if the kids were going to actually get out or not. It’s been so long watching plans fail and get foiled and FINALLY a plan has come through; the suspense through the last 20m of the episode, and not knowing if the kids were on the plane… The scene in the hangar left both me and my partner in tears.”

Others were satisfied with the ending despite being disappointed for most of the season’s story lines (specifically Nick’s minimal appearance and Serena’s seemingly pointless back-and-forth with June). User Raqmoor wrote, “For me, movies and shows are always about the way they make me feel. This episode made me forget the annoying unsatisfying Nick storyline. I can forgive, for now, being denied the aftermath of Serena, Fred and Winslow’s arrest/absence. This episode was beauty and darkness and hopeful. Much of this season was meandering with a pointless June/Serena built up storyline and could have easily been 9 or so episodes but the finale made up for it.”

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Despite the overall positive reviews of the episode, there were still a few disappointed fans who felt like things didn’t add up throughout the finale. One user, who gave the episode 4 stars, noticed that there were less guards at the airport than Gilead would normally have sent, backup took to long to get there, and all of the children were too willing to leave their homes and families behind.

“1. Only one guard at the airport. 2. It takes ages for backup to come. 3. ALL of the children are so willing to leave their homes. And so on and so on…” the reviewer wrote, while this user agreed, stating “Yes, engaging as always … but… makes no sense that the little girls would willingly leave mothers they have bonded with albeit sinister ones, but….”

Check back again later for updates on the rating, and be sure to check out this author’s page from time to time throughout the week for more Handmaid’s Tale coverage.

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