Here’s A Tip For Telephone Scam Artists — Don’t Contact Former FBI And CIA Director William Webster

Former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation William Webster (C) visits before the installation of FBI Director Christopher Wray at the bureau's headquarters September 28, 2017 in Washington, DC

Nearly everyone has experienced them, telephone scammers who are determined to help you part with your well-earned money. However, one telephone scam artist got a taste of his own medicine when he inadvertently contacted William Webster, who is a former FBI and CIA director.

According to NBC News, Keniel Thomas, 29, from Jamaica, first contacted Webster on June 9, 2014. In the initial phone conversation, Thomas identified himself as David Morgan and head of the Mega Millions lottery. Thomas then went on to proclaim that Webster was the winner of $15.5 million and a 2014 Mercedes Benz.

Webster, however, suspected something was wrong.

“It seemed to me that something wasn’t quite right,” Webster, 94, told NBC Nightly News on Tuesday. “This was pretty obvious to me that there was something fishy about it.”

In that initial phone call, Thomas then went on to tell Webster that he and his wife needed to pay $50,000 in order to “cover the taxes on the prize” and secure the prize.

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