Holly Willoughby struggles to speak after scoffing chocolate live on This Morning

HOLLY Willoughby struggled to speak after scoffing chocolate live on This Morning.

She and co-host Phillip Schofield were discussing this year’s Celebrations advent calendar as they opened the daytime show earlier today.

Holly scoffed the sweet treats as she and Phil opened This Morning

Addressing consumer outrage after they found Bounty treats behind the first two doors of their calendar, Holly and Phil opened the first four doors to reveal the other chocolates.

But 38-year-old Holly couldn’t resist tucking in, insisting that she’d be happy to receive two Bountys as she unwrapped one of the coconut chocolates and popped it in her mouth.

Speaking with her mouth full, she offered a mini Mars Bar to members of crew, throwing one at a colleague and expressing her shock when they caught it.

She and Phil then had a sneaky peek at the treat behind tomorrow’s door – teasing viewers that they “won’t be disappointed”.

The star was delighted when a member of crew caught the choc she’d thrown their way

But the excitement was all too much for Holly as she then struggled to speak when she needed to read out a link.

Still chomping on her chocolate, Holly said: “Right, here’s what’s coming up today.”

She then giggled as she put a hand to her mouth and tried to continue reading the auto-cue, pausing as she admitted: “I’ve got a face full of Bounty!”

Phil quipped: “That will be in your teeth for hours”, with Holly exclaiming: “I know!”

Holly struggled to complete her link with a full mouth

This is the second year in a row that chocoholics have been disappointed in the Celebrations advent calendar, with Bounty being behind the December 1 door in 2018 as well.

Snickers was then behind door number two, and households were equally unimpressed with this move, branding it a “cruel joke” at the time.

This time around, shoppers went as far to say that Christmas was “cancelled” following the Bounty double, which Celebrations appeared to make light off over on their own social media account.

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