Ivanka Trump Is Reportedly Being Considered To Run The World Bank After The Departure Of Jim Yong Kim

White House Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump (C) laughs while listening to a recording of her father President Donald Trump singing the theme song to 'Green Acres' during the signing ceremony for the Agriculture Improvement Act.

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who is currently busy in her position as an adviser to the White House, is reportedly being considered to run the World Bank with the departure of president Jim Yong Kim, who is set to leave his role.

As Insider report, the World Bank was created after the end of World War II to develop important projects within emerging economies and has, for the most part, been presided over by American presidents. Now that Kim will be stepping aside, which was allegedly a surprise to everyone, the future of the World Bank is up in the air.

With Donald Trump highly suspicious of institutions like the World Bank, his administration will now be looking to find the right person to recommend for the position of president to the bank’s board, and Ivanka Trump’s name has already been floated as a replacement.

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