Jeffrey Epstein Cause Of Death Looking More Like Homicide After Report Of Multiple Broken Bones In His Neck

Finger points to picture of Jeffrey Epstein

On Sunday, a New York City medical examiner said that though she had conducted an autopsy on the body of Jeffrey Epstein — the politically connected, accused sex trafficker who died under suspicious circumstances in a jail cell on Saturday — she required “further information” before determining Epstein’s cause of death, as The Inquisitr reported.

Three days later, according to a Washington Post report citing “two people familiar with the findings,” the reasons for the medical examiner’s inconclusive report may have become clearer. The autopsy, The Post reported, found multiple broken bones in Epstein’s neck.

The broken bones may occur in victims of suicide by hanging, which is how authorities have claimed that Epstein died. But according to the Post reporting, they are found more commonly in victims of strangulation.

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