Jeremy Kyle Show guest has viewers in tears with stunning transformation after 3 months in rehab

JEREMY Kyle viewers were left stunned after a guest returned after spending three months in rehab and debuted a stunning transformation.

The episode, titled ‘Crack, heroin and sleeping in car parks- save my daughter’, saw mother Dominique explain to Jeremy the extent of her daughter, Kristie’s addiction problems, before they showed off her new healthy look that she had achieved with help from staff at the Perry Clayman Project.

Kristie’s face looked gaunt before she went to rehab
Jeremy Kyle viewers were left stunned after a guest returned after spending three months in rehab and debuted a stunning transformation

After the initial conflict, which saw her fight with her mother and relatives about her past mistakes, Jeremy continued with the story a few months later and was keen to use the end of the hour-long show to reveal how Kristie had took to the rehabilitation process.

Perry Clayman, the owner of the rehab facility, revealed: “She would have started her detox straight away and she threw herself into the programme. It was her time and she was ready for it.”

As the video started, which showed Kristie during the rehabilitation process, she explained: “My first night in rehab was really difficult because I had to go through a withdrawal process, so I had to go as long as possible through a detox before I  could be stable on my medication.

“I know at one point I didn’t feel very positive and I was really poorly, but now I’ve stabilised and on my medication it’s a totally different story.”

Kristie’s mum appealed to Jeremy at the start of the show
Her family discussed her addiction

She continued: “It’s been tough, but my head’s in the right place, I’m in the right place and I’ve got a really good support network.”

Following the video, Jeremy introduced the former addict back on to the show, explaining that she was now clean and looking completely different than the gaunt person she was before.

Standing next to an image of herself before rehab, Kristie admitted that the photo upset her.

She explained: “I’m not going to say it’s been easy, because there’s a lot of things that I’ve had to face.

She seemed determined to change during her stint in rehab
Kristie came out looking like a different person
Even Jeremy was amazed by the transformation

“But do you know what, PCP know what they’re doing, they’re professionals and I absolutely went the right place at the right time.”

Kristie later went on to discuss her past mistakes with Jeremy and the audience, who had previously been disgusted to learn that she’d stolen from relatives and had been accused of prostitution, which she had allegedly resorted to out of desperation.

She admitted:  “In PCP I have been able to address that. I have looked at the consequences of the havoc that I’ve made and my behaviour was appalling, Jeremy, it doesn’t matter how you look at it.

“The thing is, don’t think I’m dismissing anything but, I was heavily in addiction and I didn’t have a way out. This is what this show’s given me, a way out.”

Soon after the transformation was shown, fans of the Jeremy Kyle show flocked to social media to congratulate Kirstie and comment on how good she looked following her stint in rehab.

One wrote: “Omg doesn’t literally look anything like she used to! What a transformation that is!! #JeremyKyle”

While another added: “She looks amazing- well done her #jeremykyle”

A third wrote: “Credit where it’s due this woman looks amazing and she looks a totally different person. Happy healthy and glowing good luck to her #jeremykyle”

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