Joe Biden Leaves Donald Trump In His Dust With Double-Digit Lead In ‘Fox News’ Poll, 4 Democrats Topping Trump

Donald Trump talks to reporters..

In 16 consecutive polls since he announced his candidacy for the Democratic 2020 presidential nomination, former United States Vice President Joe Biden has led Donald Trump in a head-to-head, general election matchup every time, by comfortable margins in all 16 polls. In an average off all polls matching Biden against Trump, the 76-year-old, former six-term Senator from Delaware leads the 73-year-old Trump by 8.6 percentage points, according to Real Clear Politics.

But in the latest general election poll pitting Trump against Biden, conducted by one of Trump’s personal favorite news outlets, Fox News, Biden crushes Trump by double-digits with the second widest margin of any poll yet taken that matches the two head-to head. In the new poll, Biden leads Trump on a nationwide basis by 12 percentage points.

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