John Bolton Reportedly Trash-Talked Donald Trump During Private Manhattan Luncheon

John Bolton listens to U.S. President Donald Trump as he and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte talk.

Former national security adviser John Bolton reportedly had a lot to get off his chest during a luncheon in front of a group of Gatestone donors at an exclusive Manhattan lunch spot on Wednesday. Gatestone is the conservative think tank which Bolton used to head.

Politico reported that Bolton apparently told the group of 60 donors that he wasn’t happy with his former boss, President Donald Trump, inviting the Taliban to Camp David for peace talks. He labeled the move as “disrespectful” and a “terrible signal” giving the timing of the invitation around September 11, due to the fact that Taliban forces provided shelter to Al-Qaeda terrorists.

Bolton also touched on Trump’s current stance on North Korea and Iran, explaining to the group that those countries only care about talking their way out of harsh financial sanctions leveled against them by the Trump administration.

Two of the lunch attendees reported that Bolton said any negotiations with those two countries are “doomed for failure.”

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