Leaked iPad Pro 2019 Photos Reveal Triple Camera Rig Similar To iPhone 11

an Apple iPad

Apple’s upcoming 2019 iPad Pro is very likely to ship with a triple camera setup similar to that seen on the iPhone 11, according to reliable Apple tipster Sonny Dickson, who posted the news on his blog sonnydickson.com. The unveiling of this year’s model of Apple’s flagship tablet is rumored to be taking place sometime in October, leaving some fans disappointed as many were expecting to see it alongside the iPhone 11 launch that took place earlier this month.

Dickson points out that one difference in the mock-up image he received is that it does not have the same glass finish over the lenses that we see in the iPhone 11, but it’s unknown at this stage whether or not this indicates a difference in the hardware or if it’s simply been omitted in the mock-up. Dickson shares his take on Apple’s thought process with the potential camera hardware updates.

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by – inquisitr.com