Leaked Pictures From Galaxy Note 10 Release Could Show The End Of The Headphone Jack Era Forever

A picture from the Samsung Galaxy release event.

The end of the headphone jack era is nigh, a new leak from the Galaxy Note 10 release shows.

As c|net reported, details that are coming out ahead of Samsung’s big release show that the company is finally joining the rest of the pack by ditching the headphone jack.

“In new leaked images shared by Roland Quandt and SamMobile, its seems pretty clear Samsung is planning a 3.5mm headphone jack to USB-C dongle for its new Note 10 and 10+,” the report noted.

Apple had already led the pack by getting rid of the headphones, and the report noted that the Galaxy Note 10 dongle looks similar to the headphone adapter used on the iPhone and the Google Pixels. The leaked images show that Samsung has apparently moved on from the headphone era, with future devices from the tech giant likely to follow the mold of the Galaxy Note 10.

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by – inquisitr.com